The XML-RPC API is used by ClientFactories to poll for new documents in the queue and to submit finished work back to the CentralServer. For more information about using the API to create a ClientFactory, see FactoryManual/FromScratch

XML-RPC endpoint

production server
development server

XML-RPC functions


Authentication is not part of the XML-RPC interface. The XML-RPC endpoint runs on an SSLv3/TLS webserver that requires client certificates for authentication. In order to use the API you will need an SSLv3/TLS client certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority that verifies your e-mail address. You can obtain such certificates from various Certificate Authorities such as CACert. The e-mail address on the client certificate must match the account that you registered with Office-shots. Furthermore, your account must have been granted the privilege to run a factory. See FactoryManual/Setup

The development server uses mod_gnutls instead of mod_ssl for SSL/TLS support. This means that to use the development server your client needs to understand Server Name Indication. Also

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