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This is all based on Debian Lenny. Please adjust for your own distro.


The central server requires a LAMP server with a couple additional packages. It will not work on a Windows server.

The background daemon requires a few additional packages

I also highly recommend installing the xdebug plugin (php5-xdebug from for (remote) PHP debugging and sane backtraces.


Create an appropriate directory and check out a copy of the server from our Subversion repository.

svn checkout .

Next, make sure that the Apache user (www-data) can write to the following directories:

  • www/app/files/
  • www/app/files/requests/
  • www/app/tmp/
  • www/app/tmp/cache/
  • www/app/tmp/cache/htmlpurifier/
  • www/app/tmp/logs/
  • www/app/tmp/sessions/
  • www/app/tmp/tests/
  • www/app/tmp/zips/

Create a MySQL database, username and password that Officeshots can use. Go to the directory www/app/config and copy database.php.default to database.php. Open this file in a text editor and insert the MySQL details. You only need to fill out the $default connection. You can remove the $test connection.

Next, copy the file core.php.default to core.php. Open the file in a text editor and adjust the configuration settings.