Officeshots Central Server installation

This guide shows you how to install and configure the central Officeshots server on you system. These instructions are based on a Debian Lenny system. You may need to adjust the instructions to fit your distribution of choice.


The central server requires a LAMP server with a couple additional packages. It will not work on a Windows server.

The background daemon requires a few additional packages

  • PHP CLI (php5-cli)
  • cUrl (php5-curl)
  • Beanstalkd
  • Clam AV (clamav-daemon)

I also highly recommend installing the xdebug plugin (php5-xdebug from for (remote) PHP debugging and sane backtraces.


Create an appropriate directory and check out a copy of the server from our Subversion repository.

svn checkout .

Next, make sure that the Apache user (www-data) can write to the following directories:

  • www/app/files/
  • www/app/files/requests/
  • www/app/tmp/
  • www/app/tmp/cache/
  • www/app/tmp/cache/htmlpurifier/
  • www/app/tmp/logs/
  • www/app/tmp/sessions/
  • www/app/tmp/tests/
  • www/app/tmp/zips/

Create a MySQL database, username and password that Officeshots can use. Go to the directory www/app/config and copy database.php.default to database.php. Open this file in a text editor and insert the MySQL details. You only need to fill out the $default connection. You can remove the $test connection.

Next, copy the file core.php.default to core.php. Open the file in a text editor and adjust the configuration settings.

Now you are ready to fill the default database. First, use the CakePHP shell to create a new database schema. Go to the www/app directory and run the following command:

$ cd www/app
$ ../cake/console/cake schema run create App

Follow the on-screen instructions to create the default schema. Next, you can import the default data, which you can find in www/app/config/sql/default-data.sql. There is no CakePHP command to import this. Use you favourite MySQL client like PhpMyAdmin? or the commandline SQL client:

$ mysql -u <username> -p <database-name> < config/sql/default-data.sql

Now, the central Officeshots server should be running. You can login using the following credentials:


Create a new account for yourself and use the default admin account to add yourself to the "System Developers" usergroup. After this you can remove the default admin account.

Optional software

In order to use all the Officehots features, there are a couple of extra software packages that you can install.

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