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    106106[[NoteBox(note,  If you are running ! on Windows then you must run the `` script with the Python version that was installed by ! The Python UNO bridge does not work with any other version of Python on Windows. However, you do need the other libraries from the standard Python since the ! version of Python does not understand SSL connections.[[br]][[br]] To make this easier for Windows users, there is a script called `utils/ooofactory.bat` that automatically starts the factory with the correct Python versions and libraries. Make sure you have Python 2.6 installed. Then edit the ooofactory.bat script and make sure that the paths to Python 2.6 and ! are correct. The double-click the file to start the factory.)]] 
     108[[NoteBox(note, Please install some extra fonts on the machine that you are running the factory. Fonts itself are not part of the ODF specification but are part of the system that the application is running on. Officeshots serves an international audience. If someone uploads a document with Chinese characters but you do not have such a font installed, the result will not look good and the user could assume that the application does not work correctly, even though it does. So, please make sure that you have Western, Cyrillic and basic Asian fonts installed. Linux users, please consider installing the MSFT core font package, or install the free Liberation replacement fonts from Red Hat.)]] 
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