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Factory Manual: Setting up your account

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If you want to run a factory then you will first need to create an account on the CentralServer and set it up properly. You can register yourself at the website. Once you have done so you can either login using the login form or you can use an SSL client certificate and use the secure website. After your registration you will need to contact the staff and tell them that you want to run a factory. They will probably ask you a couple of questions to verify a few things and then enable your account to use factories.

About SSL certificates

SSL certificates are optional for using the central website but mandatory if you want to use the XML-RPC API. You can use any client SSL certificate signed by any well known Certificate Authority as long as your certificate's Common Name contains the same e-mail address as you have used to register your account with. If necessary you can change your account e-mail address to match the one on your certificate.

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