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    4343You can also choose which document formats you want to support. For example, for ! you can choose to only accept !OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet files, omitting Presentations. Not all applications support all document types. When you choose an application, the document types that are not available will be greyed out. 
    46 [[NoteBox(note, If you run ! on Linux then you need to be careful which one you pick. Many distributions of Linux do not ship ! but Go-OO. Go-OO is a version of ! that is built by Novell and it is different from the standard ! If you are running Ubuntu, Debian, Frugalware or Gentoo then you are running Go-OO and not ! Please pick Go-OO in the application dropdown.)]] 
    48 [[NoteBox(note, In the future it will be possible to automatically configure your workers based on the local configuration file of your factory. For the moment you will need to create your workers manually on the website. Make sure that the worker configuration on the website matches the worker configuration on your system or you will be given jobs by the central server that your factory cannot handle.)]] 
     45As of mid 2015 a new python script has been introduced to help setup the Officeshots configuration for your local office applications, see the [FactoryManual/Quickstart Quickstart] for more inforomation. This script will also help you upload your local factory configuration to the Officeshots server so it knows which applications you have available and can direct supported jobs to your factory for processing. 
    5047For every worker you can also opt to participate in generating the ODF testsuites. Officeshots has several ODF testsuites imported. If you choose to participate then your factory will be given the files for these test suites. This only happens after you factory has been running stable (zero downtime) for 24 hours.