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Factory Manual: Quickstart

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For the impatient, here follows a quick rundown of the steps that you need to do in order to run your own Officeshots factory.

  1. Register for an account on the Officeshots website, activate your acount and let us know that you want to run a factory. See Setting up your account.

  2. Get an SSL client certificate if you do not have one yet. See Get an SSL Certificate from CACert.

  3. Log in on the Officeshots website, create a new factory, give it a nice name and add application workers to it. Add separate applications within a suite (like LibreOffice or Apache Open Office Calc, Impress and Writer) separately. See Configuring your factory.

  4. Install helper applications if needed. For instance with Apache Open Office and LibreOffice you need Python and the Python UNO bridge. Windows users need Python 2.6 and can find the UNO bridge when the choose Custom install when installing the application. UNIX or Linux users will want to install the Python M2Crypto library as well.

  5. Download the latest Officeshots factory using Subversion. If you do not have Subversion then you can download a tar.gz package, but Subversion is better.
    $> svn checkout
  6. Copy conf/config.default.ini to conf/config.ini. Set the correct path for your SSL key and certificate file. Linux users should make sure that log_file is writeable or change the path. Windows users should set transport to pyssl and set correct paths for log_file and tmp_files. See Configuring backends.

  7. In the oooserver- sections, check that the version number is correct. Windows users should also remove the ooo_host and ooo_port options and uncomment the ooo_pipe option. See OOOServer.

  8. If you need to start a server, do so now. For instance start LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice? in headless mode. Linux users can execute:
    $> soffice -headless -nologo -norestore \
    Windows users should edit utils/oooserver.bat and run that file. See Running in headless mode.

  9. Start the factory. On Linux, simply run the src/ script. On windows, edit utils/ooofactory.bat and execute it. See Running the standard factory.

After all that, your factory should be up and running. If it does not, please read the remaining chapters of this manual or ask us for help on the Officeshots mailinglist.

Edited 2015.

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