wiki:FactoryManual Factory Manual is a distributed web application that makes it easy for users and developers to see how office applications handle their files in OpenDocumentFormat.

Users can submit documents to the CentralServer and select which applications they want to see their document in. The server then distributes these documents to client factories running everywhere on the internet. They render the document and submit the result back to the CentralServer where the user can see them.

The standard ClientFactory implementation has support for many applications. You can also extend the ClientFactory using your own scripts that take an OpenDocumentFormat file and produce either PDF or another OpenDocumentFormat as output. Extending the ClientFactory in this way is a benefit because you do not have to deal with the XML-RPC API or how to authenticate secure connections.

This manual is intended for people who want to run the standard ClientFactory or implement their own factory using the available XML-RPC API.

Please install some extra fonts on the machine that you are running the factory. Fonts itself are not part of the ODF specification but are part of the system that the application is running on. Officeshots serves an international audience. If someone uploads a document with Chinese characters but you do not have such a font installed, the result will not look good and the user could assume that the application does not work correctly, even though it does. So, please make sure that you have Western, Cyrillic and basic Asian fonts installed. Linux users, please consider installing the MSFT core font package, or install the free Liberation replacement fonts from Red Hat. See Fonts for more information and links to sites offering free fonts.


  1. Quickstart
  2. Setting up your account
  3. Using the standard factory
  4. Creating new backends
  5. Building a factory from scratch

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