12:25 Ticket #56 (Wrong "highest version" checked on front page) created by sander
On the front page, AbiWord? 2.8.x will be selected instead of 2.10.x. …
12:21 Ticket #55 (Show pass/fail fallback on gallery views) created by sander
Currently the summised gallery views used for test suites display the …
12:13 Changeset [397] by sander
Fixed a bug that caused the modified field to not be updated when a …
11:14 Changeset [396] by sander
Set failures to zero when requeueing a job


10:50 Changeset [395] by sander
Prevent running in daemon mode on Windows
10:39 Changeset [394] by sander
Remove stale pidfile on startup


11:45 Changeset [393] by sander
Fix a bug with missing file paths
10:49 Changeset [392] by sander
Log when validator class cannot be found
10:08 Changeset [391] by sander
Removed a debugging statement
09:46 Changeset [390] by sander
Query Validator ID in order to remove the bad ones
09:29 Changeset [389] by sander
Report on removed validators
09:25 Changeset [388] by sander
Do not add missing validators to non-ODF results


13:06 Ticket #54 (Centralise factory configuration in the client) created by sander
At the moment, users who want to run a factory for Officeshots need to …


13:18 Ticket #16 (Add support for Google Docs) closed by sander
worksforme: Google DOcs can simply be used through GoogleCL and the CLI backend.
12:09 Ticket #27 (Top menu and header image overlap) closed by sander
fixed: Fixed with r387.
12:09 Changeset [387] by sander
Moved the top controllers slightly to prevent overlap with the logo
12:01 Ticket #53 (Multiple occurrences in application list) closed by sander
fixed: This happened when an application has both development versions as …
12:00 Changeset [386] by sander
When an application has a development and non-development version, only …
11:37 Changeset [385] by sander
Fixed a bug with selecting the latest version of every application
10:54 Ticket #51 (CakeErrorCode) closed by sander
fixed: Fixed with 384.
10:54 Changeset [384] by sander
Suppress warning from failed fopen. The result is checked anyway
10:49 Ticket #36 (Deleting a job only deletes the Result file, not the entire directory) closed by sander
fixed: Fixed with r383.
10:49 Changeset [383] by sander
Properly clean up all files in a result. Fixes #36
10:43 Ticket #34 (Gallery descriptions should not be cached) closed by sander
fixed: Fixed with r382.
10:42 Changeset [382] by sander
Do not cache gallery descriptions. Fixes ticket #34
10:32 Ticket #39 (File blacklisting for files that repeatedly crash applications) closed by sander
fixed: This has been resolved. Factory owners can manually mark a job as failed, …
09:20 FactoryManual/StandardFactory edited by sander
09:11 FactoryManual/StandardFactory edited by sander


09:45 Changeset [381] by sander
Add Debian init.d script and signal handlers for use with …


14:13 Changeset [380] by sander
Make factory running as daemon optional
13:57 Changeset [379] by sander
Make the factory client run like a daemon
10:58 Changeset [378] by sander
Do not recursively delete if no root path is set
10:57 Changeset [377] by sander
Fetch all required job data


09:02 Changeset [376] by sander
factory_id needed to select a job


14:33 CoreConfiguration edited by sander
14:17 Changeset [375] by sander
Fixed a typo in the default configuration
14:15 Changeset [374] by sander
Automatically disable jobs after a certain number of failures
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