16:38 Changeset [373] by sander
Change job state when uploading results
15:45 Changeset [372] by sander
Allow factory owners to fail and re-queue testsuite jobs
14:58 Ticket #52 (Repeated factory crash during regular operation over XMLRPC/Expat error) closed by sander
fixed: Fixed with r371.
14:57 Ticket #25 (install Monit and M/Monit) closed by sander
fixed: M/Monit is up and running.
14:56 Ticket #45 (TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 3 non-keyword arguments (1 given)) closed by sander
fixed: Fixed met r371.
14:41 Changeset [371] by sander
Ignore unlink error on race condition.


18:05 Ticket #53 (Multiple occurrences in application list) created by michiel
If the same version of an application on the same platform (family) occurs …


21:45 Changeset [370] by sander
Do not DDoS the server on a continuing but recoverable error


13:19 Changeset [369] by sander
Fixed a typo in controller name
13:15 Changeset [368] by sander
Fix error with when not logged in
13:05 FactoriesAndDocuments created by sander
12:18 AdministratorManual edited by sander
12:16 Changeset [367] by sander
Make requests, jobs and results managable by admins
10:19 Ticket #52 (Repeated factory crash during regular operation over XMLRPC/Expat error) created by michiel
$ python factory.py Traceback (most recent call last): File …


17:02 Changeset [366] by sander
Replace scaffolded admin panels with proper admin panels
17:00 Testsuites edited by sander
16:58 Testsuites created by sander
16:46 BackgroundDaemon edited by sander
16:02 AdministratorManual edited by sander


12:53 Changeset [365] by sander
Allow updating of single test suite
12:52 Changeset [364] by sander
Allow requests to be uploaded without jobs


13:51 ApplicationsAndPlatforms created by sander
13:15 DocumentTypes edited by sander
12:56 DocumentTypes edited by sander
12:54 AdministratorManual edited by sander
12:50 DocumentTypes created by sander


14:25 Changeset [363] by sander
Removing simpletest unit tester
14:20 AdministratorManual edited by sander
14:19 UsersAndGroups edited by sander
14:16 UsersAndGroups created by sander
13:54 AdministratorManual edited by sander
13:17 BackgroundDaemon edited by sander
13:13 BackgroundDaemon edited by sander
13:07 BackgroundDaemon created by sander
12:38 AdministratorManual edited by sander
12:33 CoreConfiguration edited by sander
12:32 BeanstalkdInstallation edited by sander
12:31 MagicInstallation edited by sander
12:31 FileinfoInstallation edited by sander
12:30 PHPConfiguration edited by sander
12:29 PHPConfiguration edited by sander
12:29 ApacheConfiguration edited by sander
12:07 ServerInstallation edited by sander
12:04 CycloneInstallation edited by sander
12:03 AnonymiserInstallation edited by sander
11:45 ServerInstallation edited by sander


14:21 AnonymiserInstallation edited by sander
14:03 AnonymiserInstallation edited by sander
13:52 AnonymiserInstallation edited by sander
13:43 AnonymiserInstallation edited by sander
10:50 AnonymiserInstallation edited by sander
10:24 AnonymiserInstallation edited by sander
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