22:12 Ticket #45 (TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 3 non-keyword arguments (1 given)) created by michiel
AAAAkACQAUAgAAliIAAAAA</string>\n </value>\n </member>\n …
11:46 Changeset [357] by sander
Properly import IllegalArgumentException?
11:12 Ticket #32 (Feedback on exceeding file size) closed by sander
fixed: There is not much I can do about this. The file is stopped by Apache and …
11:10 Changeset [356] by sander
Clearer error message on failed file upload
11:05 Ticket #29 (Factory crash at login with config containing comma in backends list) closed by sander
fixed: Fixed in r355.
11:05 Changeset [355] by sander
Skip empty configuration sections
11:00 Ticket #41 (Crash by niet-tijdige release van file) closed by sander
invalid: This is a problem with the application that you are using, not with the …
10:54 Ticket #26 (Download can create zip files with bad filenames.) closed by sander
fixed: This no longer occurs since the on-disk format of requests was changed.
10:49 Ticket #33 (Temporary failures in validators are not repaired) closed by sander
fixed: Adminisrtators now have the possibility to manually re-run validator …
10:48 Ticket #44 (URL seems to be an unsupported one.) closed by sander
fixed: This error seems to occur when OOo cannot read the source document for …
10:47 Changeset [354] by sander
Catch UNO error when OOOServer cannor read the document
10:30 Ticket #40 (function.unlink: No such file or directory) closed by sander
fixed: This can happen sometimes when you are sending an XML request to the …
10:29 Changeset [353] by sander
Catch ExpatError? caused by HTML error output of the server
09:36 Changeset [352] by sander
Do not close curl handle before retrieving the error
09:32 Changeset [351] by sander
Add parameter to bypass gallery cache
09:14 Changeset [350] by sander
Do not regenerate viewData for empty or non-existant galleries
09:14 Changeset [349] by sander
Fix curl_error() problem


17:04 Ticket #43 (URL seems to be an unsupported one.) closed by michiel
17:03 Ticket #44 (URL seems to be an unsupported one.) created by michiel
>\n </member>\n <member>\n <name>filename</name>\n <value>\n …
17:03 Ticket #43 (URL seems to be an unsupported one.) created by michiel
>\n </member>\n <member>\n <name>filename</name>\n <value>\n …
14:25 Ticket #42 (ODF toolkit validator change of URL / flush of current results) closed by sander
fixed: The ODFToolkit Validator now uses automatic configuration again. All …
14:08 Changeset [348] by sander
Use auto configuration for ODFToolkit Validator


22:22 Ticket #17 (Add support for Microsoft Office) closed by michiel
22:21 Ticket #42 (ODF toolkit validator change of URL / flush of current results) created by michiel
Michale Brauer reported that it was found that ODF toolkit validator had …


11:50 Ticket #41 (Crash by niet-tijdige release van file) created by michiel
Traceback (most recent call last): File "factory.py", line 223, in …
08:50 Ticket #40 (function.unlink: No such file or directory) created by michiel
Crash of the factory after input from server. send: "<?xml …


16:15 Changeset [347] by sander
Fixed importing testsuites
11:54 Changeset [346] by sander
Fix merge bug in addJobs that caused only the last testsuite to be updated


16:17 Changeset [345] by sander
Switch from Containable to raw SQL in inner loop for 6x performance …


15:54 Changeset [344] by sander
less predictable but better scheduling of cron jobs
15:37 Changeset [343] by sander
Remove a forgotten debug statement
12:25 Changeset [342] by sander
Add shell to add missing validators to test suite
11:40 Changeset [341] by sander
Add commandline shell to schedule validator reruns


22:12 Ticket #39 (File blacklisting for files that repeatedly crash applications) created by michiel
A number of files are handled very badly by some applications (i.e. make …


00:32 Changeset [340] by sander
Add OpenOffice?.org icon


23:49 Changeset [339] by sander
Fix state updates for virus scan
08:24 Changeset [338] by sander
Fix poll fault


13:36 Changeset [337] by sander
Different ordering of jobs. Sort by locked time to keep them cycling
11:33 Changeset [336] by sander
Catch IOExceptions from OOOServer


10:36 Changeset [335] by sander
Do not crash factory when the oooserver dies mid-conversion


16:39 Changeset [334] by sander
Support manual verification colors on request view
16:29 Changeset [333] by sander
Slight style improvements
16:24 Changeset [332] by sander
Improve the result listing on the request view
15:05 Ticket #36 (Deleting a job only deletes the Result file, not the entire directory) created by sander
When a job (and result) is deleted, the entire directory should be …
15:03 Changeset [331] by sander
Properly sort jobs on he Result View page
14:05 FactoryManual/StandardFactory edited by sander
14:01 FactoryManual/Setup edited by sander
Add changes to the worker configuration (diff)


15:23 Ticket #7 (ODF testsuite integration) closed by sander
fixed: Test suites have been imported.
15:22 Ticket #35 (Set supported input doctypes per-worker) closed by sander
fixed: Fixed with r329
15:14 Changeset [330] by sander
Add descriptions and manual verification to results


16:59 Changeset [329] by sander
Allow factories to set supported doctypes per application
12:44 Ticket #35 (Set supported input doctypes per-worker) created by sander
With the new grouping of applications it has become necessary to specify …
12:40 Changeset [328] by sander
Log jobs without backend


22:23 Ticket #34 (Gallery descriptions should not be cached) created by sander
When you edit a testsuite gallery's description the result does not show …
14:40 Changeset [327] by sander
Minor improvements to the testsuite gallery layout
14:39 Changeset [326] by sander
Use the sidebar element
12:23 Changeset [325] by sander
Manually add results


12:20 Changeset [324] by sander
Make testsuite participation optional


16:28 Changeset [323] by sander
Added more application icons
15:58 Changeset [322] by sander
Fixed ODF-Tookit validator
12:47 Changeset [321] by sander
Cleaner import of the Fellowship testsuite
11:19 Changeset [320] by sander
Fix worker daemon help
11:16 Changeset [319] by sander
Better handling of multiple cron jobs


15:32 Changeset [318] by sander
Migrate old cron shell to new built-in cron daemon
15:22 Changeset [317] by sander
Cache testuite gallery views and regresg pages using build-in cron
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