14:47 Changeset [231] by sander
Added new header and footer styles
11:51 Changeset [230] by sander
Create a branch to implement the new design


16:20 Changeset [229] by sander
Updated Chinese translations


16:52 Ticket #25 (install Monit and M/Monit) created by sander
The M/Monit team have donated a license to Officeshots.org. This means we …


15:44 Ticket #24 (Wiki-like pages for all applications) created by sander
Michiel Leenaars would like a wiki-like description page for all supported …
15:42 Ticket #23 (Port VNC client support from browsershots.org) created by sander
Browsershots' client factory has integration with a Python VNC client to …
14:25 Changeset [228] by sander
Added Simplified Chinese language selector
14:21 Changeset [227] by sander
Chinese (simplified) translation


16:00 Changeset [226] by sander
Added French language selector
15:56 Changeset [225] by sander
Added French and the start of Chinese
10:30 Ticket #22 (Create an OpenDoc group and raise request limit for it's members) closed by sander
fixed: A new group "OpenDoc? Society" has been created with a default request …
10:22 Changeset [224] by sander
Add a shell function to update the default group memberships
10:14 Changeset [223] by sander
Automatically add new users to certain groups based on e-mail address


17:54 Ticket #22 (Create an OpenDoc group and raise request limit for it's members) created by sander
Prior to the public launch, the existing users should be put in the …
17:52 Ticket #10 (Limit number of requests for anonymous users) closed by sander
fixed: Requests have been limited to 5 per IP per day for anonymous and 25 per …
16:33 Changeset [222] by sander
Set request limits for users
15:21 Changeset [221] by sander
Track IP addresses on requests
13:32 Changeset [220] by sander
Add translations to the contribution page
13:31 Changeset [219] by sander
Point to the new wiki for documentation
13:30 Documentation edited by sander
13:28 Documentation created by sander


13:17 Changeset [218] by sander
Updated ca and es. Translated nl
10:46 Changeset [217] by sander
Add Català and Espagnõl language switchers
10:35 Changeset [216] by sander
Add Spanish and Catelan translations


15:38 Ticket #21 (Set up L10n toolchain) closed by sander
fixed: Pootle has been installed to http://lang.officeshots.org and I have added …
14:36 Changeset [215] by sander
Grant access to the lang controller
14:32 Changeset [214] by sander
Add i18n language switching code and flag images
12:04 Changeset [213] by sander
Move Dutch locale to correct directory
11:34 Changeset [212] by sander
Created some test translations into Dutch
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