15:34 Ticket #19 (Integrate iTools ODF anonymiser) created by sander
J. David Ibáñez from iTools has created an ODF anonymiser that can …
11:00 Ticket #18 (Remove Debianisms from oooserver init script) created by sander
The OOOServer Linux init scripts contain several Debianisms that make it …
10:58 FactoryManual/StandardFactory edited by sander


15:25 Ticket #17 (Add support for Microsoft Office) created by sander
Officeshots really needs support for Microsoft Office. So far, nobody has …
15:16 Ticket #16 (Add support for Google Docs) created by sander
Chad Hensler from LTech has expressed interest in adding Google Docs to …
15:14 Ticket #15 (Add support for Native Winds) created by sander
Jack D. Lewis is working on adding support for Native Winds to …
15:12 Ticket #14 (Add support for Lotus Symphony) created by sander
During the ODF Plugfest Ming Fei from IBM said he is interested in adding …
15:08 Ticket #13 (Fix accessibility issues) created by sander
Peter op 't Hof has tested Officeshots for accessibility and found a few …
14:56 Ticket #12 (Add support for RedOffice) created by sander
Development on this client has been ongoing for some time. Contact for …
14:52 Ticket #11 (Add support for Symbian OfficeReader) created by sander
Contact for OfficeReader? is Maximilian Odendahl. It should be pretty …


15:48 Ticket #10 (Limit number of requests for anonymous users) created by sander
There should be a limit to the maximum number of requests for anonymous …
15:10 Ticket #9 (Intergrate Subversion post-commit with Trac) created by sander
The Subversion post-commit hook should be tied to Trac so it is possible …
14:57 Ticket #8 (Make "Operating System" a free text field like "Hardware") created by sander
The "Operating System" field on a ClientFactory should be a free text …
14:42 Ticket #7 (ODF testsuite integration) created by sander
Michiel Leenaars would like to see the ODF 1.0 testsuite integrated (which …
14:38 Ticket #6 (Request gallery) created by sander
Users would like to be able to share and archive requests. They can use …
14:36 Ticket #5 (Track/set ODF version) created by sander
At the moment Officeshots does not detect the ODF version of a file. There …
14:32 Ticket #4 (Chain requests) created by sander
Users want to change requests instead of running them parallel. For …
14:29 Ticket #3 (Add a user API) created by sander
Several people at the ODF Plugfest have expressed interest in having a …
14:25 Ticket #2 (Create virtual machines with default officeshots server and clients) created by sander
The Dutch municipality of Alkmaar and Ineke Schop from NoiV have expressed …
14:03 Ticket #1 (ODF validator integration) created by sander
Integrate one or more ODF validators in Officeshots. Both requests as …
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14:31 Changeset [209] by sander
Always update Request counterCache on Job->save()
14:19 Changeset [208] by sander
Add upgrade command to set state on results
11:38 Changeset [207] by sander
SQL schema shanges for r206
11:38 Changeset [206] by sander
Scan uploaded results for viruses


16:20 Changeset [205] by sander
Show a virus icon and warning for infected requests
13:55 Changeset [204] by sander
Display a more detailed job status
12:14 Changeset [203] by sander
Set security to medium in order to keep the same session ID
11:09 Changeset [202] by sander
Add meta refresh on request view


16:21 Changeset [201] by sander
Fix the counterCache on the Request
15:30 Changeset [200] by sander
Log beanstalk job ID
15:25 Changeset [199] by sander
Ignore local configuration
15:23 Changeset [198] by sander
Move configuration to a template
15:12 Changeset [197] by sander
revert core configuration changes... again…
15:11 Changeset [196] by sander
ignore further changes to core


15:22 Changeset [195] by sander
Remove clunky mime workaround
15:18 Changeset [194] by sander
Added a patch for Debian file magic
14:50 Changeset [193] by sander
Fix bad commit of config file
14:23 Changeset [192] by sander
Return proper error on bad mimetype


17:13 Changeset [191] by sander
Fix error message on mimetype from file buffer
17:06 Changeset [190] by sander
magic bug with multiple mimetypes returned


15:43 Changeset [189] by sander
Do not clear the screen when starting a console
14:22 Changeset [188] by sander
Set default for counterCache to zero
14:18 Changeset [187] by sander
Add an upgrade shell


15:45 Changeset [186] by sander
Fix wrong default queue tube in r185
15:44 Changeset [185] by sander
Turn requests into a finite state machine and add a cron shell
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