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Integrate a comparison mechanism for roundtripped ODF files

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The idea is to integrate a comparison mechanism for roundtripped ODF files. Attached is a script ( which is all you need to run a pipeline comparing two ODF documents. If you unzip it, then something like:

xproc odfcompare.xml package-a=file:wedding-google.ods
package-b=file:wedding-oo301.ods> report.html

will run the pipeline and produce an HTML report. xproc.bat is a windows batch file; we need to adapt for different shells. To compare different pairs of documents, just vary the package-a and package-b values. These values must be URLs.

The value in having such functionality is that you can easily see specific parts of a document get 'lost in translation', and give feedback to the users of Officeshots what happens to their document upon import.

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