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(edit) @335   11 years sander Do not crash factory when the oooserver dies mid-conversion
(edit) @328   11 years sander Log jobs without backend
(edit) @261   11 years sander remove some leftover debugging statements
(edit) @260   11 years sander Fixed a typo
(edit) @247   11 years sander Added a MS-Office backend using pythoncom and the Sun plugin
(edit) @245   11 years sander Pass a string command to Popen on Windows
(edit) @244   11 years sander Fix class declaration
(edit) @234   11 years sander Merge the design branch to the trunk
(edit) @181   12 years sander Catch xmlrpclib.Fault
(edit) @174   12 years sander Generate an exception when the result document is empty
(edit) @173   12 years sander Do not try to instanciate a backend that could not be loaded
(edit) @172   12 years sander Check that the document loaded correctly and raise a recoverable exception …
(edit) @171   12 years sander Case insensitive matching on app name and version number
(edit) @163   12 years sander Prevent deadlocks on CLI backend caused by wait()
(edit) @161   12 years sander print file path when a load error occurs
(edit) @158   12 years sander Move factory.bat to utils
(edit) @153   12 years sander Support OpenOffice?.org headless on Windows using a named pipe
(edit) @141   12 years sander Fix undefined variable in cli backend
(edit) @132   12 years sander Update epydoc tags
(edit) @130   12 years sander Replace %temp_dir in config variables for cli backend
(edit) @129   12 years sander Add a new generic CLI command backend. Useful for e.g. AbiWord?
(edit) @128   12 years sander Merge separate major and minor version numbers (int) into one version …
(edit) @127   12 years sander Fix broken backend name in exception logging
(edit) @126   12 years sander Make M2Crypto handle URLs without a port number
(edit) @125   12 years sander Catch socket exceptions
(edit) @124   12 years sander Add m2crypto as an additional transport
(edit) @119   12 years sander Exit gracefully when logfile cannot be accessed
(edit) @79   12 years sander Match a factory when the job has no format specified
(edit) @61   12 years sander Make OOOServer clean up temp files
(edit) @60   12 years sander Implemented working OOOServer. Not release-ready because of licensing …
(edit) @57   12 years sander Add basic structure of OOOServer and make polling work
(edit) @56   12 years sander Implement basic backend configuration
(add) @54   12 years sander Added a core Factory base
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