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Track IP addresses on requests

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1<div class="requests form">
2<?php echo $form->create('Request');?>
3        <fieldset>
4                <legend><?php __('Edit Request');?></legend>
5        <?php
6                echo $form->input('id');
7                echo $form->input('user_id');
8                echo $form->input('ip_address');
9                echo $form->input('format_id', array('empty' => true));
10                echo $form->input('filename');
11                echo $form->input('path');
12                echo $form->input('mimetype_id');
13        ?>
14        </fieldset>
15<?php echo $form->end('Submit');?>
17<div class="actions">
18        <ul>
19                <li><?php echo $html->link(__('Delete', true), array('action'=>'delete', $form->value('')), null, sprintf(__('Are you sure you want to delete # %s?', true), $form->value(''))); ?></li>
20                <li><?php echo $html->link(__('List Requests', true), array('action'=>'index'));?></li>
21                <li><?php echo $html->link(__('List Users', true), array('controller'=> 'users', 'action'=>'index')); ?> </li>
22                <li><?php echo $html->link(__('New User', true), array('controller'=> 'users', 'action'=>'add')); ?> </li>
23                <li><?php echo $html->link(__('List Doctypes', true), array('controller'=> 'doctypes', 'action'=>'index')); ?> </li>
24                <li><?php echo $html->link(__('New Doctype', true), array('controller'=> 'doctypes', 'action'=>'add')); ?> </li>
25                <li><?php echo $html->link(__('List Jobs', true), array('controller'=> 'jobs', 'action'=>'index')); ?> </li>
26                <li><?php echo $html->link(__('New Job', true), array('controller'=> 'jobs', 'action'=>'add')); ?> </li>
27        </ul>
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