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1<h3><?php __('Disclaimer:');?></h3>
3        <li><?php __('Do not submit confidential documents. We don&#8217;t publish them, but there is no protection in the cloud.');?></li>
4        <li><?php __('If you get strange results, check if your input document is technically sound through <a href="">The ODF Validator</a>.');?></li>
5        <li><?php __('If you use your own fonts, you may be unpleasantly surprised to find out that office files don&#8217;t carry any font information. So your beautifully styled pages with hand written fonts have always looked that bad when other people opened them.');?></li>
6        <li><?php __('Don&#8217;t forget that the quality of your input document matters! It might be that your current software supplier has an immature implementation of ODF.');?></li>
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